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Activities in Tamraght – Things to Do in Tamraght Morocco

Best Activities in Tamraght

It’s easy to get absorbed into all the things that Morocco is best known for, but there’s more to discover. the things to do in Taghazout are sure going to keep everyone coming back for more. there are so many adventurous things to do in Tamraght. From waves surfing, Paradise Vally Hiking to wellness and yoga retreats, Hammam and Spa. Check out this list of the Best Activities in Tamraght to get the most out of your stay.


Learn To surf in Tamraght

Apart from other Activities in Tamraght Surfing is what Tamraght & Taghazout became best known for, Tamraght & Taghazout is one of the most iconic surf destinations in the world. A good time to enjoy Tamraght’s waves without the crowds is from October to March with the most popular season being May through September. You’ll get perfect waves, offshore winds, warm water and sun all year round.

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Activities in Tamraght - Surfing


Souks And Markets

For shopping connoisseurs, this is mandatory when in Morocco. Lots of organized tours in Morocco include a visit to “Souk El Had” one of the famous Markets where they offer customers varies fresh produce, clothing, cosmetics and more. Beautiful Moroccan craftsmanship.

Activities in Tamraght - Souk Visit

Cooking Course

Discover the secrets of authentic Moroccan cooking by joining a cooking class. The classes are often packaged with early morning market tours that let you explore the variety of fresh tropical vegetables and spices before you learn to make your own Moroccan traditional dishes.

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Activities in Tamraght - Cooking Class


Yoga & Pilates

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious newbie, a yoga retreat is a great and efficient way to refresh your mind and body. Imagine practicing the Bow Pose to the sound quietness of nature while looking at the beach from one of our terraces – that’s what a retreat in Tamraght is like.

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Activities in Tamraght - Yoga Retreats

Moroccan Hammams & Spas

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One of the must-do experiences during your vacation is to spend the afternoon at leisure in a traditional Moroccan Hammam (Bath House). After all, for locals, it’s weekly must-do. And that must-do is the hammam ritual.


Horse & Camel Ride, ATV & Off-Road Adventures Tours in Tamraght

If you find yourself restless after spending time at the beach surfing or doing yoga all day, then get your adrenaline pumping with some outdoor adventure sports! ATV beach rides, Horse & camel ride, Quads and buggies tours are some of the popular options.


Activities in Tamraght - Trip To Paradise Valley

Day Trips

Agadir is not known for being culturally rich compared to other destinations in Morocco. There are, however, several great day trips to take from Agadir to see different sides of Morocco.

Here are some of the best Activities in Tamraght.

A great place for hiking with clear pools that are suitable for swimming, Tall rocks stand either side of the river, you can also visit small Berber villages around the valley.

The city served as the capital for a short period of time during the Saadian era. There’s a small leather tannery outside of the sand-colored fortifications,

Mirleft is a coastal town in Sidi Ifni. It boasts several beautiful beaches, including Legzira Beach which is known for its stunning red rocks and natural stone archway. In addition to the beaches, the old kasbah and souk are worth a visit.

Tiznit is an old walled medina town surrounded by modern development. It was originally the site of a cluster of forts that were encircled in the 19th century by some 5km of pisé wall. It quickly became a trade center and remains a provincial capital and center for Berber jewelry, with a souq devoted to the silver stuff.


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