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Surf Morocco August Guide – Wet Season

Surf Morocco August

Surf Morocco August, July, October

Have you ever been thinking about traveling to Morocco for surfing but you’re wondering! is this the best taghazout surf season to surf in Morocco? Surf Morocco August month? believe it or not many of our guests have been asking the exact same question about when is the best time to surf town morocco in the Taghazout and Tamraght areas,

Best place to surf in Morocco

Generally, surfing is good in Morocco all year round, there is actually no time in the year, where you can’t find a wave to surf, Mostly for beginner surfers.

Surf Morocco August

when is the best time to surf in morocco

The peak surf season starts from October to March when the biggest swells hit Morocco from the North Atlantic. That’s when the winds switch various pointbreaks in the best surf spots Morocco has to offer such as (Banana Point And Crocs, Killer point, Imsouane & Tamri, Panoramas) And a few more spots.

Otherwise, The summer period may be the best For more experienced surfers. Whatever time you choose, you will definitely find a lot of fun!

we recommend you to visit the links below for some helpful surf forecasts:



Surf Morocco August

taghazout morocco surfing packages

morocco offers warm water, perfect waves, offshore winds, and sun all year round!! come and enjoy morocco’s surfing season and its culture.

Morocco has been known for its Wet Season (October to March) to most surfers and has been getting almost too popular among surfers around the world. The other spots around has been starting to get overcrowded but still better than most other places in the world that offers perfect surf!!

So if you want to surf  Morocco’s best surf spots then this is the time to come.

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